Hey There! I'm Ryan, The Face behind Compass Captures!

    I first got into making videos around 2016. It came about from my favorite hobby, hiking, with my son. He was a lot lighter back then, so we'd explore and adventure around Florida State Parks with him on my back and my camera in my hand to document. After a year or so I upgraded my camera and started sharing our journeys on Instagram & eventually YouTube under #TheHikerDad

   As my creations began to become more fine-tuned from weekly expeditions, a friend of mine asked if I'd give it a shot filming their intimate wedding. From that day on I had found what I loved to do; Capture others' special moments so that they can relive them again and again in an exciting, unforgettable way.

   My love for creating video is still growing with more weddings & more adventures (but now with my son hiking on his own two feet, and my daughter hitching a ride on my back ). 

   I came up with the name Compass Captures to pay homage to my beginnings in nature & the outdoors and also the thought that I'm not just taking a video. I'm truly capturing the essence and emotion of the moment when I film.

   I am beyond happily married to my amazing wife of 6 years now. My only regret of our wedding is that I didn't see the point in hiring a videographer if we were all ready having a photographer. I still love to look back at the beautiful images they gave us but what I've come to learn is that nothing compares with being able to watch that day again, to be able to listen to your spouse's vow to you, to see the tears of joy in their eyes, to dance your first dance over & over again with them. To witness loved ones celebrate with you that may not be here today and to have the opportunity to feel the immeasurable amount of love that began at the cusp of your journey together as a couple.

   I promise to pour my heart and soul into your Wedding Highlight Film as if it was my own. Everyone deserves a glimpse back upon the beginning of their story. 

   You can talk with me more about Wedding Highlight Films and what you want to have captured forever by emailing:            


   Thank you truly for taking the time to read my story.


- Ryan Conley   



Get in touch! I'd love to talk with you about your Wedding Highlight Film!

I love spending my free time exploring & adventuring in the outdoors with my wife & our two children

Below Photo Credit to Garry & Stacy Photography Co.

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